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Cyber Reversing is a new term mutually agreed upon at cytomate. Cyber reversing revolves around the practice of reverse engineering for cyber security enhancement. It is a next generation offensive framework introduced by Cytomate that includes a variety of procedures and techniques revolving around reverse engineering. Our years at cytomate have taught us that the real adversarial emulation starts at the lowest level, that is assembly and reverse engineering. Highly skillful hackers nowadays always try to aim for customized attacks and unknown attack paths mostly discovered by researching vulnerabilities. One thing to note here is that there is a big difference in finding vulnerabilities and researching vulnerabilities. Finding vulnerabilities means we are looking for known vulnerabilities in a system, however researching vulnerabilities means that we are researching unknown vulnerabilities that might be available in a system.


Cyber reversing can be defined as:

1. Advanced Penetration Testing (APT)

2. Advanced Program Analysis (APA)

Offensive Testing

Offensive Testing

Cytomate Pen Testing (CPT) is a leading provider of penetration testing services that evaluates an organization's security policies, regulatory compliance, employee security awareness, and ability to identify and respond to security problems. CPT helps organizations manage cyber security risks more effectively by identifying, safely exploiting, and aiding in remedying vulnerabilities that may otherwise result in compromised data and assets by malicious attackers.



Our security professionals use penetration testing techniques and specialized testing tools to test the robustness of an organization's security policies, regulatory compliance, employee security awareness, and the organization's ability to identify and respond to security issues and incidents as unauthorized access. Cytomate launches the simulated cyber-attacks by pen testers using strategies and tools designed to access or exploit the vulnerable devices or possible path that leads attackers to gain access to your systems.



Provides a complete overview of vulnerabilities that hackers may attack via in-depth inside investigation.

Independently verifies the effectiveness of security safeguards.

Improves awareness and understanding of cyber security risks by interactive threat modeling.

Provides a comprehensive report with restorative remediation after successfully exploitation of vulnerabilities.