Professional team.


Software Engineer Undergrad from North Carolina University and Cybersecurity Graduate from HBKU. He's been a Commissioned Officer Engineer overlooking Major tech integration at Qatari Government since 2017.

Hammad Saleh Hadeed



Full Professor of cybersecurity with 25 Years of industry exposure Advised international companies on R&D and Cybersecurity Strategy with 50+ publications, Multi Million research grant and 2 US Patents, One of them with Samsung US.

Dr. Muhammad Masoom Alam



EX Venture Capitalist with Qatar Development Bank Co-managed the portfolio of Qatar's flagship startups, Ex Management Consultant worked on projects with Fortune 500 like Spotify, GSK in addition to being the Doha's Hub Curator with the World Economic Forum.

Bilel Ben A.Al Souaied


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The story behind the company

How our journey started?

Hammad Saleh Hadeed and Dr. Masoom Alam founded Cytomate in early 2020, beginning their venture in a modest laboratory staffed by a select team of cybersecurity specialists. With the backing of notable entities like the Qatar Development Bank (QDB), Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), Qatar Foundation (QF), and the support of the State of Qatar, Cytomate has dedicated itself to delivering exceptional cybersecurity solutions, aligning with its core mission to enhance digital protection and resilience.

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