Cyber Advisory by Cytomate for Enterprises

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The technology infrastructure is a vital asset of your organization that needs protection from potential malicious attacks. Developing and maintaining a robust security strategy can help manage your company's risks, such as network intrusion, data theft, system misuse, privilege abuse, tampering, fraud, or service interruptions.

Cytomate's Cyber Security Services help identify the optimal combination of technical, resource, and process controls to manage security risks. Our experienced cybersecurity consultants conduct comprehensive assessments to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your current security posture and identify vulnerabilities to threats. Given the constantly evolving nature of security threats, Cytomate recommends regular assessments, which are particularly crucial for organizations with limited IT resources.

Organizations in Qatar often face budget constraints and lack full-scale IT teams to address all security needs. Cytomate offers a subscription-based service model, providing continuous, affordable access to top-tier cybersecurity solutions. This ensures ongoing protection without the financial burden of large, one-time project costs, allowing organizations to manage their security risks effectively and proactively.


Utilizing Cytomate's cyber security services will bring the following benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Protection: Our subscription model makes it feasible for organizations to access comprehensive cybersecurity services without the need for substantial upfront investments.
  • Expert Support: Gain access to experienced cybersecurity professionals who can provide ongoing support and advice tailored to your specific needs.
  • Regular Assessments: Frequent security assessments help you stay ahead of potential threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring your business remains protected as threats evolve.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, our services can scale with you, ensuring continuous protection without the need for significant additional resources.

Security Services

  • External Penetration Testing
    • Up to 5 Domains
    • 10 Web Applications
    • 5 Mobile Applications
    • Up to 2 Enterprise 3rd Party Applications
    • 3 Cloud Infrastructures
  • Internal Penetration Testing
    • Up to 1000 Hosts
    • Up to 10 Web Applications
    • Up to 2 Enterprise 3rd Party Applications
    • 5 Active Directories
  • Web Application Firewall Validation
    • Up to 15 Web URLs
  • Email Gateway Security Controls Validation
    • Up to 2 Email Gateways
  • Endpoint Security Controls Validation
    • Up to 10 VMs
  • Network Security Controls Validation
    • Up to 5 Network Segments
  • Social Engineering
    • Up to 1000 Employees
  • Incident Response
    • Up to 5 Incidents
  • Deception
    • Up to 2 Sub Domains
    • Up to 5 Network Segmentation
    • Up to 15 Internal Decoys
    • Up to 20 Production Systems (Lures Placement)
  • External Attack Surface Monitoring
    • Up to 5 Domains
  • Red Teaming
    • Up to 1000 Employees

Cloud and Infrastructure Services

  • Identity and Access Management
    • Up to 1000 Employees
  • Network Access Validation
    • Up to 1000 Network Assets
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
    • Up to 1000 Assets

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